To draft and promote the most inspiring practices, researches and initiatives with regard to juvenile justice, the European Council for Juvenile Justice (ECJJ) can rely on numerous institutions and experts all knowledgeable and dedicated to child-friendly justice.

To emphasize the richness of the ECJJ, the Council is divided into four sections :

  • the Academic section, which is composed of twenty-eight Doctors, Professors, Academics, Universities, Faculties and / or Departments representing disciplins such as criminology, criminal law, international Human Rights Law, psychology, etc.
  • the NGO section, which is made up of national and local NGOs working with young offenders on the ground and on a daily basis.
  • the Public Administration section, which gathers Ministries or Departments of Justice and other governmental agencies and entities in charge of youth justice policies within one of the twenty-eight EU Member States.
  • the The Judiciary Section is composed of judiciary professionals, such as judges, prosecutors and judicial staff, in contact with children and young adults.

Members' profiles.