Children victims and Restorative Justice: ECJJ members in a european Conference in Murcia (Spain)

The project ‘REVIJ - Reparation to the Victim in the European Juvenile Justice Systems: Comparative Analysis and Transfer of Best Practices’ concluded on October 5th, 2016 in Murcia (Spain) with a very successful final conference, attended by many recognised Spanish academics and professionals, and ECJJ Members such as Istituto don Calabria (Italy), Association Diagrama (France) and Fundacion Diagrama (Spain).

Coordinated by Fundación Diagrama (Spain), the main objective of the EC-funded project was the creation of a shared vision about restorative justice services for the victim in the field of juvenile justice, together with an analysis of the compliance with the Directive 2012/29/UE of the European Parliament and Council, regarding the respect of rights, as well as the support and protection of victims. As a partner of this project, the IJJO produced two research papers, respectively on restorative justice with child victims in the EU and a European comparison on juvenile restorative practice, included in the final publication.

International Seminar on the Impact of Detention on Prisoners - Madrid 27-28 October 2016

This ERA (Academy of European Law) Seminar for judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice, ministry officials and officials from prison administrations, the probation system and prison will take place in Madrid, 27-28 October 2016. The IJJO, as partner of the EU-funded project for which this seminar is organised, will present aspects of the Directive (EU) 2016/800 on the rights of children suspected or accused in criminal proceedings and its implications for juvenile detention. Several ECJJ members will attend and speak at this seminar including Ms. Barbara Stando Kawecka and Mr. Alessandro Padovani. More information and registration here.

Club de Madridkick-off meeting “Preventing Violent Extremism: Leaders Telling a Different Story”.

On September 28th, 2016, the IJJO attended the Club de Madrid kick-off meeting “Preventing Violent Extremism: Leaders Telling a Different Story”.

This event marked the start of a very ambitious EU-funded project of 12 months which aims to strengthen counter-narrative messaging and produce a multi-dimensional response to extremist propaganda. This is to be achieved by channelling the collective expertise of policy-makers, media representatives, experts, practitioners and the wisdom and experience of the Club de Madrid, all of them former Presidents and Prime Ministers democratically elected. The project will be conducted in Tunisia, Nigeria and Lebanon.

This kick-off meeting was an opportunity for fruitful debates divided into four complementary sessions, with the participation of expert panellists and an informed audience. The programme, list of participants and other information on the kick-off meeting and the project can be accessed here.


EU adopts rules to guarantee legal aid in criminal proceedings

On 13 October 2016, the Council gave its final approval to the directive on the right to legal aid for citizens suspected or accused of a criminal offence and for those subject to a European arrest warrant. The proposed directive lays down minimum rules concerning the right to legal aid for suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings who are deprived of liberty, and in certain other situations. It also ensures that legal aid is made available in European arrest warrant proceedings, under certain conditions, in both the executing and the issuing member state. For more information, please click here.

FRA joint article on Guaranteeing fundamental rights effectively

In this joint article written following a meeting in Paris on 20 September, the Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Michael O'Flaherty, and the French Defender of Rights, Jacques Toubon, express their disquiet about the state of human rights in the EU and offer suggestions to improve the situation, in particular with regard to areas of high concern.

New language versions of the child rights legal handbook

The Swedish and Latvian version of the Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child are now available on the FRA website, in addition to English, French, German and Portuguese versions. The handbook aims to raise awareness and improve the knowledge of the legal standards that protect and promote children’s rights in Europe. It is a point of reference on both European Union and Council of Europe law related to these subjects, explaining how each issue is regulated under EU law, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, as well as under the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter and other Council of Europe instruments. Further language versions of the handbook should be available soon.

Conference on the Rights of Children in Care: from Speech to Action - Paris, 8 November 2016

This Conference will be held in Paris, with the presence of Ms. Laurence Rossignol, French Minister for family, childhood and the rights of women. It is organised by SOS Villages d’Enfants France, in partnership with Eurochild, the Council of Europe, the French Defenseur des Droits (Ombudsman) and the CNAPE. The Conference is the cloture of a European Project on training of professionals of the care system, with the support from the EU. Simultaneous interpretation in French and English will be available. For more information and registration, please click here.

International Conference on Alternatives to detention in Central and East European countries (Dubrovnik)

Registration is now open for the second CEP conference on “Alternatives to Detention in Central and Eastern European countries”, jointly organized by CEP and the Directorate for Criminal Law and Probation of the Republic of Croatia. The conference will take place at the Hotel Neptun in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on 16-18 November.

The aim of this event is to promote the rights of persons in conflict with the law, especially with regard to their access to alternative punishment to prison such as community sentences, promoting the benefits for society, as well as the probationers, in this process. Please find the conference programme here.

Howard League reveals a drop of child arrest by 59% in England and Wales

The Howard League for Penal Reform has been working closely with police to stem the flow of boys and girls into the downward spiral of the criminal justice system.

They achieved an astonishing 59 per cent reduction in child arrests across England and Wales in only five years. This success has stopped thousands of children having their life chances blighted by being dragged needlessly before the courts. It means that fewer children are languishing in prison – the reduction in arrests matches a fall in the number of boys and girls in custody. And it means that police have more time and more resources to devote to tackling issues of serious concern.

To read the full publication on their actions and detailed results, please click here.


ECJJ member Sabine Mandl (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights – Austria) gave an interview on the IJJO website to talk about her organization and their involvement in the Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for Professionals project

ECJJ member Maria João Leote de Carvalho gave two interviews in Portuguese newspaper DN about juvenile delinquency in Portugal and the effects of the revision of the LTE made last year.

Both articles (in Portuguese) can be accessed using the following links:

Nos últimos 20 anos a delinquência juvenil diminuiu em número e gravidade

Nova lei fez aumentar em mais de 50% processos contra menores

New members: the ECJJ would like to welcome Ms. Katharina Schwarzl, representing the Directorate General for the Prison Service and Preventive Detention (Austria).

Please do not hesitate to send us updates and news on your activities, we will be very happy to publish them in our next newsletter!

Adélaïde Vanhove
Policy Officer - European Affairs
International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO)

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