The European Council for Juvenile Justice (ECJJ) is set up as a network, whose vocation is to contribute to the continuous improvement of juvenile justice in Europe, promoting cooperation between public administrations, judicial staff, universities and NGOs benefiting from an extensive expertise in the field of juvenile justice, children's rights championing or the fight against social exclusion.

This is why it is committed to securing the exchange of information, communication, debate and analysis between the different juvenile justice systems, as well as to making proposals in different fields which affect the development of juvenile justice in Europe with the ultimate objective of encouraging the integration of minors and young people in situation of social exclusion and or in contact or conflict with the law.

Thanks to its outstanding members and the support of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, the ECJJ aims at ensuring the respect of International and European standards as well as the promotion of the most inspiring practices and overall wishes to guarantee children in contact with the law the respect of their rights and specific needs.