Reports of the European Council

Following a consultation of the civil society on child poverty (ended in Jan. 2012) and another consultation on social inclusion (ended in April 2012), on February 2013, the European Commission - DG Employement launched a Social Investment Package advocating for keeping on investing e.g. in children, in youth and in health to ensure Europe's growth and very future. Of course, this publication also takes into consideration the specific context the European Union has been in since 2008 and suggests adjustments not to worsen the situation some States or regions are in at the moment.

At the end of 2012, on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, the Council of Europe has launched a television and web documentary entitled “Keep me safe”. This documentary illustrates good practices taking place in different Member States through prevention, education and protection of victims, and notably highlights the work conducted by "Hope for Children" - UNCRC Policy Center, a member of the European Council for Juvenile Justice since the very beginning.