Fifth Meeting of the ECJJ - Introduction

Fifth Meeting of the ECJJ


The first and foremost purpose of the Fifth Meeting of the European Council for Juvenile Justice was to define child-friendly justice priorities in the context of the implementation of the new EU Directive 2016/800 on procedural safeguards for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings.

The meeting took place in Valencia (Spain) from February 15th to 17th of 2017, focusing primarily on the right of the child to be heard and the effective child participation in the justice systems. In addition, the following topics were addressed on the basis of ECJJ’s working groups:

  • Working group on all forms of detention and alternatives
  • Working group on restorative approaches.
  • Working group on procedural safeguards and child friendly justice
  • Working group on countering violent extremism

The meeting allowed participants to attend workshops on those topics and to work together on the production of several policy papers reflecting the position of the ECJJ on such issues.


Fifth Meeting of the European Council for Juvenile Justice

2017 Feb 21
The Fifth Meeting of the European Council for Juvenile Justice (ECJJ) served as a forum for juvenile justice professionals and actors in the field to tackle some of the most pressing issues regarding the protection of the rights of children and young people in contact with the law in Europe, while further developing and planning current and future projects of the Council. It was held in Valencia, Spain, from Wednesday the 15th to Friday the 17th of February 2017, organised by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO), with the support of IberCaja Obra Social and Bankia. read more...