Contributing to or developing policy outputs is one of the main activities of the European Council for Juvenile Justice. In collaboration with the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, the ECJJ has published four researches since its launch in 2009: three Green Papers on Child-Friendly Justice and a White Paper on Juvenile Justice paying close attention to the results of the economic crisis on juvenile justice throughout Europe.

To contribute to the development of European policies, developed notably by the European Commission, the European Council for Juvenile Justice also took part in EU-wide consultations on different matters: "Towards a stronger European response to drugs" (Oct. 2011) (DG Justice); "Strenghtening mutual trust in the European judicial area - A Green Paper on the application of EU criminal justice legislation in the field of detention" (Nov. 2011) (DG Justice); "Stakeholders consultation questionnaire - Ad hoc group on Child Poverty" (Jan.2012) (DG Employment); assessment of the 2008 EC Recommendation on active inclusion" (April 2012) (DG Employment).

The IJJO also contributed to the 2011 assessment of the Council of Europe Guidelines on the Promotion and protection of children's rights, thus involving the ECJJ not only in the development of policy outputs led by the European Commission but also in those developed by the Council of Europe.