Conference on the prevention of radicalisation and criminalisation of youth held in Brussels

2017 Jun 13

On May 3rd, the IJJO took part in the conference ‘Overcoming youth marginalisation - Best practices to prevent radicalisation and criminalisation of youth in state of vulnerability’ at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) premises in Brussels.The conference was organised by the Human Rights Youth Organisation (HRYO) in partnership with the EESC and the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Rights of the Child.

The event was an opportunity to discuss and exchange best practices that contribute to the prevention of juvenile marginalisation and youth crime, as well as radicalism and violent extremism. It gathered members of the European Parliament, Mayors of European municipalities and representatives of the civil society.

The audience was welcomed by the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Mr. Georges Dassis, who stressed that "combating marginalisation of young people should be a priority, not only for the EU, but also for national and regional authorities, as well as for all civil society organisations."

During the morning session, both Ms. Caterina Chinnici, Member of the European Parliament and Co-chair of the EP Intergroup on Children´s Rights, and Ms. Hilde Vautmans, MEP ALDE and Member of the European Parliament’s Children Rights Intergroup, highlighted the importance for the EU to encourage and enhance good practices, as well as to define an action plan in order to prevent and counter the marginalisation and radicalisation of young people.

In the afternoon, local approaches and practices were presented and discussed in a roundtable composed of Ms. Margaret Tuite, Coordinator for the rights of thre child of the European Commission, Ms. Tamimount Essaidi, Director of the Maison de Quartier Saint-Antoine, Ms. Gabriella Civico, Director of CVE-European Volunteering Center, and Ms. Adélaïde Vanhove, Policy Officer on European Affairs at the IJJO.

Ms. Vanhove presented the current IJJO led EU project ‘PRALT – The prevention of juvenile radicalisation – Promoting the use to alternatives to detention through judicial training’, which addresses the issue of juvenile radicalisation through the sharing of knowledge and good practices between judicial professionals and actors of several EU Member States.

Photo credit: HRYO